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Welcome to our neurodiversity affirming clinic where we offer a range of services to support the mental health and wellbeing of children, young adults and their families, and provide educational and clinical assessments for all age groups.

Dr. Margaret Bednarska

Dr. Margaret Bednarska

Senior Clinical Psychologist
Dr. Margaret Bednarska

My name is Margaret and I am a Senior Clinical Psychologist with diverse interests and many passions.

I am a Chartered Clinical Psychologist registered with The Psychological Society of Ireland. I have graduated with Masters in Clinical Psychology in 2003 from the University of Opole, Poland. During my post graduate training and clinical specialization I have been working with children and adults in mental health, neurodevelopmental and educational settings, where I was responsible for diagnosis and therapy of developmental and mental health disorders, as well as emotional, behavioural and social difficulties.

I have opened Dr. Margaret’s Clinic in July 2008, where I provide therapeutic support to young people and their families, as well as clinical assessments for both children and adults.

My therapeutic approach is eclectic and integrative, and I believe that only by understanding  a person, whether it is a child or an adult, in the holistic context of their environment, lifestyle, relationships, diet, sleep pattern, physical activity etc. , as well as neuroscience, biology and transgenerational history, I can either choose the best therapy programme that is tailored to their personality and situation or provide them with a thorough assessment that takes into account their experiences, personal history, strengths and challenges.

In my free time I love reading, hiking, travelling and being in nature.

I love spending time with my family, cooking, eating and watching movies.

I love art, history, music and writing.

I also love coming to the clinic early in the morning, before the busy day starts, and reading or just being with my own thoughts, daydreaming, meditating or preparing myself for the day ahead.

I am blessed with the most amazing and loving husband, independent, compassionate, courageous and creative daughters and 2 little yorkies, Chloe and Daisy, that bring endless joy and teach me about the power of unconditional love every day.

Monika Deasy

Monika Deasy

Educational Psychologist
Monika Deasy

My name is Monika Deasy. I have been an Educational Psychologist for 18 years with a Masters Degree in Psychology. I specialize in delivering educational psychological assessments tailored specifically for young individuals in the education system. These assessments provide valuable insights into their cognitive, emotional, and behavioral development. This helps to provide a comprehensive understanding of their educational needs (for example dyslexia).

I believe in inclusivity and aim to help parents, teachers, and society understand and appreciate the challenges, struggles, and strengths that come with each person’s unique way of learning.

I am dedicated to providing a compassionate, non-judgmental, and understanding approach to every individual and family I have the privilege of working with.

I live in Cork with my husband and two teenage sons and our family dog. I love all forms of nature, the ocean, dogs and Nordic music.

Aideen Stack

Aideen Stack

Health Psychologist
Aideen Stack

Hello! My name is Aideen Stack. I am a passionate and empathetic Health Psychologist from Cork, Ireland. I am a member of the Psychological Society of Ireland and a Registered Psychologist with the New Zealand Psychologist Board.

I have a PgDip in Health Psychology (clinically based) from the University of Auckland, New Zealand, and a MSc in Psychology (Health) from the University of Leiden. I completed my BA in Applied Psychology at University College Cork.

I am trained in a number of treatment modalities including; Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Dialectical Behavioural Therapy Skills (DBT). I tailor my intervention and approach based on the individual person’s needs.

Experience and Expertise

I have experience with both adolescents and adults, with particular interest in supporting and empowering young people through mental health support. I ensure to place a strong emphasis on someone ‘can do’, instead of only focusing on the burden of their struggles.

I have experience working with people with a range of mental health difficulties such as anxiety, depression, trauma, Adult ADHD, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and more. I have worked with both adults and teenagers (12+), from diverse backgrounds. I have previously worked with young people as a High School Therapist in New Zealand, and supporting teens living with a cancer diagnosis with CanTeen New Zealand.

I specialise in Physical Health Conditions, and have experience working with people living with Conditions such as Gut Issues (IBD, IBS etc.), Chronic Pain, Diabetes, Skin Conditions, Cancer and more. I am skilled at identifying and supporting mental health difficulties that may result from and impact physical health.

I have a particular interest in holistic psychology, and the deep connection between our body and mind. My passion lies in helping others to understand themselves as a whole, and learn tools to navigate their way through life’s ups and downs.

I attend regular supervision and engage in continual professional development courses to further expand my knowledge and psychological skills.

Outside of Psychology

I am passionate about travelling, nature and the outdoors and spend as much time as I can outside. I love sea swimming (well, dipping!), hiking and camping. I adore sitting watching the sunrise, and sunset.
I also enjoy relaxing with a good book at home and cooking delicious meals for family and friends.
My motto in life is “You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn how to surf!”.

Helen O’ Brien

Helen O’ Brien

Play Therapist
Helen O’ Brien

Helen has a passion for empowering young children to tap into their innate wisdom and resilience, to overcome emotional challenges and trauma, and grow up to live healthy and fulfilling lives. Helen believes in a non-directive approach where each child is treated as an individual, communicating their feelings freely through play.

Much of Helens work with parents/caregivers involves increasing their understanding of their child’s inner world and making sense of their child’s behaviours. During therapy, Helen works closely with the child’s family and any key services involved in the child’s life, to ensure continuity and consistency of care and support. Helens practical and non-judgemental approach has proven to be very effective and helpful for both parents and their families.

Additional Trainings:

  • Theraplay – Level 1 – Attachment Based intervention for children and families – The Theraplay Institute
  • Diploma in Personal and Executive Life Coaching – Irish life Coach Institute
  • Creative Mindfulness for Children Practitioner – Louise Shanagher
  • Mindful Parenting Coach – Louise Shanagher
  • Psychometric Testing Level A & B – British Psychological Society (BSC)

Area of Interest:

Helen provides play therapy for children with a wide range of emotional and behavioural difficulties such as anxiety, bereavement, attachment issues, separation/divorce, bullying/bullied and self-esteem issues.

Deirdre McCarthy

Deirdre McCarthy

Family and Social Consultant
Deirdre McCarthy

I am Deirdre McCarthy, an experienced and highly skilled Social Worker and High-Support Foster Carer with extensive knowledge of Parenting, Trauma-Informed Care and direct work with children. In addition, I am also a home share Facilitator for adults with intellectual disabilities.

I enjoy supporting families through challenging times using my training, expertise and experience. My approach is practical, encouraging, empathic and caring. I am Solution-Focused and Person- Centred, and my practice is underpinned by a genuine attitude of kindness, understanding and support.

Additional Training includes:

  • HSE Certified Facilitator in Sexual Health Promotion
  • Children First Facilitator
  • Children and Youth Participation
  • Signs of Safety
  • Direct Work with Children
  • Motivational Interviewing
  • Restorative Justice
  • Meitheal
Janice Rixon and Leann Healy


Hi my name is Janice and I am the Clinic Manager here at Dr. Margaret’s Clinic. I joined the Clinic in 2014 and love meeting the kids as they come in and having the chats.

I have 3 kids myself at home, so when I’m not at work I am out on adventures with them.

The beach is my favourite place where I like to collect sea glass and my favourite food is tacos


My name is Leann and I am the receptionist here in the clinic since 2022. I really enjoy meeting all the clients and watching the kids play in the waiting room.

I am a mom to twins who keep me busy and when I get some free time (if that ever happens), I enjoy reading a good book or watching a movie.

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