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Cognitive Functioning

Cognitive assessments are used to evaluate the cognitive functioning of adults. These assessments can assist with the diagnosis of various intellectual disabilities, as well as specific learning disabilities and neurodiversity.

Assessment Process

Clinical Interview:

A 1-hour clinical interview is conducted, focused on obtaining relevant background information. A functional assessment is also often used to assess for adaptive living skills.

Cognitive Assessment:

The WAIS-IV (or/and other tests, such as TONI 4) is administered during a 2-hour appointment to assess for general intelligence and profile of cognitive strengths and weaknesses. To assess for presence of a specific learning disability (such as dyslexia or dyscalculia), WIAT-III or WRAT 4 are used.

Feedback Session:

Results of the evaluation are reported to the client during the feedback session and then a comprehensive report, based on 3-4 hours of clinical time, is provided within 2-4 weeks, with results and appropriate recommendations.

Cognitive assessment cost: €800.00


We use a variety of tools to determine whether an ADHD diagnosis is applicable, including various ADHD symptom checklists, behaviour rating scales, clinical interviews, QbCheck Test, and a cognitive assessment.

Assessment Process

Clinical Interview:

This is a 1-2 hours ADHD interview (with the adult client) that is focused on gathering relevant background information including, but not limited to, personal background, family history, medical and mental health background, performance during school, as well as during employment, and any symptoms pertaining to inattention and/or hyperactivity and impulsivity (both during childhood and currently). The ADHD interview is completed in conjunction with the DSM-V ADHD criteria, as well as other screener tools.

Cognitive Assessment and QbCheck Test:

The WAIS-IV is administered to assess an individual’s cognitive ability and factors such as working memory and processing speed. Additionally, the QbCheck Test is used, which is a computerised objective test used for the evaluation of different symptoms of ADHD. It uses a uniquely designed Continuous Performance Test (CPT) to measure inattention and impulsivity. Additionally, it uses a motion tracking system to measure hyperactivity.

Feedback Session:

The psychologist prepares a report based on the aforementioned interview, cognitive assessment, QbCheck Test, as well as other standardised tests that were used, and reports the results to the client, providing a clinical judgment of ADHD. Feedback session usually takes an hour.

Witten report is then sent within 2-4 weeks.

Cost of the ADHD assessment is: €1200.00

Autism Spectrum Disorder

An Autism Spectrum Disorder assessment can determine, whether an adult is on the autism spectrum or provide an updated assessment to a previous diagnosis.

Assessment Process

*It’s important to note that no single tool can provide a definitive diagnosis of ASD. Rather, diagnosis typically involves multiple assessments and evaluations conducted by an experienced clinician. By using a variety of tools and approaches, an accurate diagnosis is formulated, and relevant recommendations are discussed with an adult to ensure that all difficulties that were identified during the evaluation are appropriately addressed.

During the assessment, an autism diagnostic interview with the adult client (and sometimes their parent, if they want them to be involved) is conducted to gather relevant background information, such as family history, medical and mental health concerns, school and employment history, behaviours and symptoms.

We focus on exploring the person’s developmental history, their social and interpersonal skills, non-verbal communication, ability to form and maintain friendships/relationships and ‘read’ social situations.

We explore their  interests and hobbies, sensory processing, adherence to routines, stereotyped/repetitive movements or mannerisms and cognitive flexibility/rigidity.

As we are engaging in a conversation with the client, we are also observing their ability to make and sustain eye-contact, their facial expressions, body language, gestures, conversational skills and the thoughts and feelings they are reporting about the questions of the interview.

Some of the diagnostic tools and screeners/questionnaires that we use in the clinic are:

  • The Autism Diagnostic Interview – Revised (ADI-R);
  • The Adult Autism Spectrum Quotient (AQ)
  • Ritvo Autism-Asperger’s Diagnostic Scale- Revised (RAADS-R)
  • The Adult Repetitive Behaviours Questionnaire-2(RBQ-2A)
  • Camouflaging Autistic Traits Questionnaire (CAT-Q)
  • Girls Questionnaire for Autism Spectrum Condition (GQ-ASC)

Assessment process usually takes 3-4 hours.

After all information is collected, it is analysed and reviewed based on the DSM V criteria.

Results of the evaluation are reported to the client during the feedback session and then a comprehensive diagnostic report is provided within 2-4 weeks, detailing results, diagnosis (if applicable), and appropriate recommendations.

Cost of the ASD assessment is: €1200.00

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